About Jaz


I have been photographing (seriously) since 2009. I started out doing mostly nature and landscapes but soon ventured into other styles and although I still dabble in all styles of photography my big passion is for street photography.

I am greatly inspired by the work of the photographers of Magnum Photos  and it is this style that I strive to emulate when I am out in the streets with my camera.

I have started this blog to share and get feedback on my work and if I was to get any work through people viewing my blog, well that would be nice. I also hope that through my blog I will be able to have discussions and share critique with other like-minded people.

In a perfect world we would be paid for every image that we create/publish (but we all know it doesn’t work like that!) So on that note I think it is worth stating that I have no problem with people sharing my work elsewhere. As I see it, the more people who view my images the better. all I do ask is that if anyone copies work from my page is that they do not change/manipulate my images and that they do me the courtesy of accrediting me as the original author of the image. I look forward to viewing other people’s work and of course benefiting from the feedback/critique on the images that I post on my blog.

Happy viewing



4 comments on “About Jaz”

  1. Astrawally led me here. Excellent work you produce!

    • Thank you very much for liking my posts and following my blog. Astra wally is a friend of mine and an excellent photographer (don’t tell him I said that!) There is much more to come and I hope I don’t dissapoint.

  2. Hey Jaz, great work on here! Until recently I lived in edinburgh, so loving the recent shot taken on Portobello Beach! I’m over in Weegie town these days, so no pictures of the beach for me anymore, I’ll just have to rely on you for that! I agree, Astra is an excellent photographer. I’ve been following his blog for a while now, tell him I say hey.

    • Hi Kieran, thanks for the kind comments and thanks for following my blog. Good luck in Weegie land 🙂 I will let astra know you said hi.

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